Take Surveys for Cash Review – Earn Money Online For Free

In the 21st century where the cost of living is high, everyone tries to earn a little extra by getting into simple online activities. One of them is paid surveys, everyone is now trying to earn some money by filling the paid surveys online and to make your this experience of earning money even more customized and better and to reduce your time and search cost, Jason white has started a website called as “Take surveys for Cash”, which is basically trying to provide you with the list of best of best surveys which do pay you very high and enables you to earn more and more every day, it is started by Jason white the “king of paid surveys”
He claims to earn the bread for his living only by these online paid surveys, now there is a thing to wonder that if the part time work which should give pennies even in expectations is giving him bread for life. Wow! A thing one should know what he is exactly doing. So he tries to offer you tips as well as link of the surveys which pay very high. All you have to do is signing up.


After signing up and being the member of this website by just paying 39 $ which eventually goes down from 39$ to 27$ to 12$ when you keep delaying the membership and keep going away from the website, so you basically keep getting discount if you do not get convinced to their pitches and over exaggerated claims.
Well the website claims to make you earn 50 dollars as soon as you join the website as a member by giving you a bonus paid survey.

Scam or Legit?

The website has a picture of a paid cheque which a person earned from online paid surveys, but if you have a closer view of that, the so called realistic picture turns out to be fake.
The website even claims that the companies are desperate for market research and desperately looking out people for who will sign up for online paid surveys. But this is not true, companies are not desperate for surveys, they either ways have to many people to choose from their Research and development.

The 50 dollar bonus survey assured to the new member will not surely be a monetary survey but you can even get a 50 dollar gift card from Amazon and if not a gift card then a voucher but surely will be a non-cash reward.
If you read the disclaimer properly they even state it very clearly that they do not guarantee a member to earn so much money, but Jason white claims to make 1,50,000 dollars just from paid surveys in his video and says that one can earn 3,500 dollars just by applying for the paid surveys this company has to offer us.

Take surveys for cash jason white

Well it is too good to be real, this website is a full of scam and this is so noticeable the time you read the claims the site makes you will automatically draw your conclusion and the dropping fees charges are a big sign that the website purely is trying to just loot money.

If he really wanted to share his tricks of earning from online paid surveys he should help people for free. The website even tries to show you the list of surveys you will be applying for, the list of surveys are all high amount paid surveys kind of trying to attract you cause you only get to apply for them if you are a member of the website.

Take surveys for cash is it real

So it kind of works like a prey for you to fall in their trap, so to get those surveys in your bucket you sign in to be their member.
He says he even cleared his debts by earning money from paid surveys and made a huge amount of money.

He never goes to work from then and is always travelling and gets to spend a lot of time with his family and simultaneously earn money from paid surveys. This all is like a pitch to convince all the website visitors that he is basically doing nothing and enjoying himself and still making a bomb. Well this is not really true; no one can opt for paid online surveys and take it as bread for living even though he is a pro.

Take surveys for cash real or fake

These claims are not only fake but also misleading; do not fall in the trap. Many people have fallen trap for this website and got absolutely nothing and you cannot even file a case against this website as they even mentioned in their disclaimer that they do not guarantee you any income, but they kept boosting about how they will help you to earn more than 3,500 dollar a month.
Quite contradictory, right? Well the website disclaimer is not supporting the content they are trying to sell.

If you sign up to their website you will end up losing your money for nothing, cause take surveys for cash is nothing but a scam.
Jason white is using all your money to make his earnings and giving you absolutely nothing, not even able to deliver the promises he made.

Last Words

He claims to have secret strategy which he uses while filling online paid surveys and he makes a huge amount doing so.
Well if this is the case you should really give us some of his demo tips and one should notice a point what different strategies will you need to fill your opinion in a survey?

And he assures to fill your inbox with highest paid surveys which is definitely not happening, no survey company pays more than 10 dollars a survey.

If they start paying such huge amounts for R and D they will end up being a failure. Well in short you can definitely earn money from online paid surveys but not from signing up to be the member of this website, cause it is nothing but scam.